The Toronto Police Pipe Band


r2wBlvKFKBTNpvJsIUykOgjRdj0shEiE9NtbxiiljMYAs ambassadors of both the Toronto Police Service and the City of Toronto, the band is dedicated to playing good music well and to help bring the ancient sounds of the pipes and drums to citizens of Toronto – and the world.


The Toronto Police Pipe Band was formed in 1912 under the direction of Pipe Major Thomas Ross, the son of Scottish immigrants and proudly continues to wear the Red Ross Tartan in his honour.


The vibrant musical organization, comprised of over 80 police and non-police members (Grades 1, 3 & non-competing) is entering its second century, celebrating its centennial in 2014. Membership comes from all over the Greater Toronto Area with some members travelling from across Canada and the North Eastern United States.


Where there's a pipe or drum to be heard at an event or ceremony in Toronto, there's a good chance it is being played by a Toronto Police Pipe Band member. The Band appears regularly at the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, St. Patrick’s Day Pay Parade, Running of the Queen’s Plate, Police Memorials, competing on the Ontario Highland Games circuit and numerous daily activities within the City.


The Band is under the direction of Drum Major Robert Skinner (S/Sgt) and Pipe Major Ian K. MacDonald (Detective).


The Band is very pleased to return to Bermuda and congratulates the Bermuda Regiment on their 50th Anniversary. The Toronto Police Pipe Band appears with the kind permission and best wishes of the City’s newly appointed Chief of Police, Mark Saunders.