19RAPDThe Pipes and Drums of 19 Regiment Royal Artillery (The Scottish Gunners)


19 Regiment Royal Artillery boasts a powerful Regimental and Scottish history.  The pipes and drums have been core to this tradition and have a 17 member strong band.  With 9 pipers and 8 drummers, the band has the flexibility to perform in a large or small environment.  Most notably the band has played in the United States of America, Moscow, Holland and the Edinburgh Tattoo.  This impressive and extensive resume has ensured that each player’s ability has been of the highest standard, through prolonged periods of practice and perfection.


The band is managed by Lieutenant Chris Ashford who works closely with the soldiers and their respective chain of commands to manage their calendars to include practices and performances.  However, it is Pipe Major Gonsales and Drum Major Gillespie who coordinate practices and nurture each band member to ensure they exploit their talent to the fullest and that they achieve success when in the public eye.  Drawing on their extensive experience they are able to develop younger members and guarantee the pipes and drums' survival.


Owing to a fiercely proud Scottish heritage, the band personifies Scotland and pays graceful homage to the history of the bagpipe.  What is most impressive is each band member maintains a full time role as a soldier, like any other, but has the commitment and the tenacity to dedicate themselves additionally to the pipes and drum band.


The Bermuda Tattoo is delighted to welcome members of the Royal Artillery, especially given the Bermuda Regiment's historical association through its predecessor, the Bermuda Militia Artillery, who served with the Royal Artillery in both World Wars.