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I extend a very warm welcome to participants, friends and family to The Bermuda Tattoo 2009.

We are honoured that the Bermuda Tattoo has been designated a Signature Event as part of Bermuda's 400th Anniversary Celebrations.  2009 is also the 200th Anniversary of the Royal Naval Dockyard and we are excited to once again be staging the Bermuda Tattoo in the historic Keep Yard, through the generosity of the Director, Trustees and Staff of the Bermuda Maritime Museum.

We are very pleased that overseas participants from around the world have chosen to join us in our celebrations.  Please revisit this site for regular updates on the visiting performers and the performance programme.

The Bermuda Tattoo is only possible with the widespread support across the island and beyond.  The Tattoo is staged by the Bermuda Regiment under the auspices of the Bermuda Regiment Charitable Trust (Registered Charity No. 670) with the support of a volunteer committee.  We are indebted to these groups and our presenting sponsor, Bank of Bermuda Foundation along with the Bermuda 2009 Committee and Government of Bermuda.  In addition to public support through ticket sales we look forward to welcoming Corporate Sponsors and Private Patrons.

We anticipate that tickets will go on sale no later than 16 July 2009.  Corporate Sponsors or Private Patrons are most welcome and information on supporting the Bermuda Tattoo 2009 is available here.  We are also looking for volunteers!  Please see Volunteer Information.

Enjoy the performances and thank you for your valuable support of the Bermuda Tattoo and the Bermuda Regiment.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Maj. Caton

Stephen R. Caton
Event Director - The Bermuda Tattoo
Special Projects Officer - The Bermuda Regiment

It is with great pleasure that the Bermuda Tattoo 2009 welcomes participants, visitors, and friends.  This year, a particularly special one in Bermuda's history, marks 400 years of perpetual habitation.  While Bermuda was being discovered by the tossed and driven Sir George Somers, Gallileo Gallilei began studying the moon with the newly-invented refracting telescope to find that it wasn't at all the flat disc that many had thought, Henry Hudson, under the Dutch East India Company in his 80-ton "Half Moon" made a failed attempt at finding a quicker North West Passage to the east - this along the river which would eventually bear his name; and the popular children's tune "Three Blind Mice" was published in London, England!

The cast of players for this year's tattoo is specially selected not only for their musical and performing excellence, but also because they are reflective of the cultures and nations which contributed to the shaping of the Bermuda community into what it is today.  This, in line, with the theme for the Bermuda 2009 celebrations—Celebrating Bermuda and Her People—underscores that the success of Bermuda is of many variables.

Since the early days of musical displays in Bermuda, the Tattoos have presented themselves with varying degrees of intricacy.  To be certain, this year's show will be without equal and will present the most diverse group of participants on the same ticket.  We continue to confirm the acts for this year's show and we are certain that they will be to your liking.  You will be delighted, awed, and inspired!

What better place to celebrate 400 years of anything than here on the Isle of Devil's, as the island was once referred to?  We look forward to working with the entertainers from around the world, the show volunteers, as well as with the many sectors of the local community to whom we are extremely grateful for their continued support of the Bermuda Tattoo.

Capt. D. B. Robinson

Dwight B. Robinson
Artistic Director - The Bermuda Tattoo
Director of Music - The Bermuda Regiment



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